Shulamit 7-9 Tel Aviv
Shulamit 7-9 Tel Aviv

Between the serenity of Masaryk Square and the hustle and bustle of Dizingoff Square, between the benches of Chen Boulevard and the waves breaking on Frishman Beach, a minute’s walk from Beit Lessin Theater and a minute’s bicycle ride from the Cameri Theater.

In a unique and lovely location in the White City of Tel Aviv stands one of the most impressive structures in the UNESCO proclaimed site.

The 7-9 Shlomit project, designed by architect Gidi Bar Orian, is outstanding by all measures. It combines the classic, the modern and their timeless elegance with meticulous and precise planning that suits the perfection and ambition characteristic to Galya Global’s work.

The elegant underground parking area, the impressive lobby, the meticulously designed entrance halls and the apartments themselves are harmoniously designed to enhance each other and blend in with their magnificent surroundings. Every apartment in this project is actually a boundless home. Every detail is of the highest standard thus allowing residents to make their every dream come true in their personal palace.

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